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Screen Capture

ScreenCapture is a simple and convenient screen capturing software that allows you to easily capture full screen, window, menu, or any selected area defined mouse clicks. It's green because it does NOT require installation. Just unzip and run the software, there you go! It can be removed without any hassle if not satisfied.

ScreenCapture has its own image browser for displaying captured image with several handy features including the "hide cursor", "mouse scrolling", and "hotkeys configuration".

ScreenCapture is designed to be multilingual so that you can create/edit interfaces of your preferred languages.

It supports exporting images into common formats such as PNG/JPG/BMP.

Batch exporting of multiple captured images is supported with progress monitoring.

Version: 1.1

Sim Editor

Ever thought how tedious it is to input or edit contacts/phonebook directly in your SIM cell phone?

Well, SimEditor can assist you to easily get such tasks done.

SimEditor supports multilingual interfaces so that you can create or edit interfaces of your preferred languages.

It can store phone numbers in SIM card (depends on the capacity of your SIM card) or store phone numbers locally.

You can easily backup or rewrite on your own PC in case data is lost.

Version: 1.0

Subtitle Checker

You ever experienced errors when loading srt subtitles (subrip format)? No matter how you try to fix it, it simply does not show up on screen?

"Subtitle Checker" helps you to automatically fix the subtitles' errors and create reports that will assist you get your subtitles back on screen.!

Unicode encoding is supported but is limited in srt format.

Version: 1.0


SkypeShell using Skype API to do Answer Machine and Voice Message.

Version: 1.0


Neco is a like Neko program.
Neko run on Windows 3.1/95/98 Desktop only

Neco run on Windows Screen
I have provide a NecoGen program, you can make your own pet.

Version: 1.0

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