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Sim Editor

System Requirement

This program provides you to edit the SIM card of cell phone under Windows plateform,
before using this program, your Windows plateform must install IC card reader.

Most of the card reader can only accept Big IC card, SIM card of the cell phone belongs to a small one.
You must change the SIM card to a Big one in order to be accepted by the card reader.

There are 3 ways to change SIM card into a Big IC card :
  1. Using the original IC card-based provided by the SIM card.(Figure at the right)
  2. Using the SIM-to-Big IC card provided by the IC card reader.(Figure at the right)
  3. Purchasing the SIM-to-Big IC card.(Figure at the right)

Some card reader can not read old SIM cards, thus this program can not provide you the service.

User Manual

[ Important Attention ]

  1. If the SIM card is protected by PIN Code, it will pop up a window to enter PIN Code.
    You Must enter the correct PIN Code in order to read the phone book.

  2. Please be carefull that after enter THREE times of error PIN Code, the SIM card will be locked.

  3. There are total of 4 ways to encode characters for GSM. This program supports all of them
    and will auto-selected the most efficiency way of encoder mode.
    Thus, the actual characters that you can enter left will vary.

  4. GSM system only provides 0 to 9 and #*+wp characters in the phone section.

  5. The size of storage vary by different SIM card. The actual number of data you can store appears
    at the right hand corner of the phone book.

  6. The number of each data must not exceed the total number of data that you can store.

  7. Number 2 to 9(total of 8 datas) are generally assigned to one-touch dialing function.

  1. Delete All : Delete entire data in the phone book.

  2. Load from SIM card : Loading the SIM card data to phone book.

  3. Save to SIM card : Saving entire data from the phone book to SIM card.

  4. Load from file : Loading data from file to phone book.

  5. Save into file : This function will save the phone book data into a file in Hard Drive.

  6. Website : Official Website which contains the latest version of the software and other important information.

  7. Sponsors :
    This is a freeware, anyone can use this program without payment. But we are welcome for any donation to support porgram development.
    For any coorperation to use this program, please support with dornation or will be viewed as violating the copyright.
    After Cooperation purchase the software,this software can only be used within the Cooperation.
    However, the Cooperation can not use this software for any other business activities such as, sale, licensing, or gift CDs.

  8. User's Name : Enter your name in this field.

  9. User's phone number: Enter your phone number in this field.

  10. Phone Book : Phone book data.

  11. Selete and edit : Using this funtcion to select certain data from phone book to edit with.

  12. Delete selected data : This function will delete the selected data from the phone book.

  13. Save the data into phone book : Saving the data into phone book after you finish editing them.

  14. Delete currently editing data : This function will delete all the data under the editing section.

  15. Phone book code number editing : You can modify the order of the one-touch dialing function.

  16. Name : The name that you are going to save. Supporting for at most 7 Chinese characters, or 14 english characters.

  17. Phone number : Enter the phone number that you are going to save. Supporting for at most 20 numbers or special characters.

  • PIN Code :
    Enter your PIN code here in order to decode and read/write data into SIM card.

Software Download

Language File Download

Due to my limited proficiency in languages other than Chinese and English, I can not make all language files available for download. However, the software is designed ready for users to make their language files. A template language file is ready to be filled in or modified to suit your need. You may also provide your language files to others by emailing to me. I will add your language files to the website with acknowledgements. If you are unsure about what extension of the file name to be used in your system, please check the section of language information.

To add additional languages, you just need to have the downloaded language file placed in where the main software is executed. The language files will be loaded properly after restarting the software.

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We do not take any responsibility for damages caused by our products. Please use them at your own risk.

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