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Screen Capture

User Manual

This software offers you four different modes for screen capture (Window/Menu/Full screen/Region), three output formats (PNG/JPG/BMP), two capturing options (Cursor/Clipboard), and one image browser.

Capture button (CB) and mouse scroll buttons (MMB) are the main buttons you need for capturing images. When CB is executed, the software bar will hide itself to let you select desired window/menu/region. The left mouse button (LMB) can be used to control various behaviors of the selecting window. Notice that the CB and MMB will respond differently based the selection modes.

  1. Capturing windows -- hotkey[Alt+PrintScreen]:

    1. Action
      After this mode is activated, the software will automatically show a red-lined box for the window hovered. Meanwhile, the MMB can be used to toggle selections of sub-windows. This enables the users to have mouse cursor in place while capturing specific window regions. Capturing action will be completed upon clicking of right mouse button (RMB).
    2. Hotkeys
      When hotkey is used, you can not select windows. Instead, you directly capture the active window right away.

  2. Capturing menus -- hotkey[Ctrl+PringScreen]:

    1. Action
      When this mode is activated, you can use left mouse button (LMB) and click the menus as usual. The capturing is completed upon clicking of Capture button (CB).
      This feature is used for capturing entire opened menu. However, you may only be able to capture single sub-menus in some instances.
    2. Hotkey
      When hotkey is used, you can not select menu to capture. Instead, you capture currently opened menu where the mouse cursor hovered.
    3. Caution
      You must have your mouse cursor over the menu you want to capture.

  3. Capture entire screen -- Hotkey[PringScreen]:

    1. Action
      When this function is activated, the entire screen area is captured immediately.
    2. Hotkey
      Entire screen area is captured as soon as the hotkey pressed.

  4. Capture region (select area):

    1. Action
      When this mode is activated, use the capture button (CB) to click at the upper left corner of the desired region and then click at the bottom right corner of the desired region to complete capturing (using CB again).
      Notice that you can use the mouse scroll button to adjust the precise location of the upper left corner by moving the long sides of the rectangle.
    2. Caution
      This feature captures image using mainly clicks instead of dragging over the region desired.
      This function does not support cursor capturing.

  5. Capture cursor:
    This option allows you to choose whether cursor should be included in the captures or not.

  6. Copy to clipboard:
    Store the captured image to the clipboard for use in other softwares.

  7. High-Speed recapture:
    This funciton is to execute the action of capture the screen when pressing Capture button.
    You only need to assign a range which you want to capture, the software can continuously capture the screen. It's very convevient in animation teaching.

  8. Image browser:
    You can display or hide the image browser

  9. Preference Settings:
    You can set the folder where you can save you pics and the button which you can use while capturing the screen.

  10. Software homepage:
    The official site of this product, you are welcome to visit any time and obtain the updated or important information about the products.

  11. Supporting via donation:
    This software is free for personal use. However, support the development of this software by donation or providing suggestions are welcome.
    Any commercial uses of this software is prohibited unless you would like to sponsor the development of this product.
    Commercial uses via sponsorship are restricted only to/within the sponsor's company. Distribution of this product via sales, licensing, or gift CDs are strictly prohibited...

  1. Save:
    Save images currently in the Image Browser to PNG/JPG/BMP formats.

    • Notices
      The default output path is where the software is, but you can specify any output folder if you like. Before saving, the name of the images are prefixed "number+size". After saving, naming of the image is "size+complete path".

  2. Save all:
    Save all images in image browser in PNG format.

    • Notices
      Default output path is where the software is running. The software does not confirm overwriting existing files.
      The software does also not save an already-saved images..

  3. Copy to clipboard:
    Copy the image currently in image browser to the clipboard.

  4. Delete image:
    Delete images currently in image browser.

  5. Delete all images:
    Delete all current images.

  6. Select image:
    Image browser display the numbering of all images. Therefore, after images are saved the numbering prefix of each image disappeared.

  7. Previous image:
    View previously captured image.

  8. Next image:
    View next captured image.

  9. Number of images:
    This display the number of total captured images out of the maximum number of 4096.

    • Notices
      All the listed image are stored in memory. Delete listed image in the browser can free up your memory.

  10. Progress bar:
    When all images are saved, a progress bar will show you the current progress.

Software Download

Information of all version

The following item was fixed in Version 1.1:
  1. Fix the problem where the software could only save certain pics.
  2. Fix the problem where Windows can't shutdown while the software still working.
  3. Change hotkeys which can fit in with the original hotkeys of Windows.
  4. Add on a function of high-speed recapture.
  5. Add on Preference Settings.
  6. Add on some sounds when capturing pics.

Language File Download

Due to my limited proficiency in languages , I can not provide all language files for download. However, the software is designed ready for users to create their own language files. A template language file is ready to be filled in or modified to suit your need. You may also provide your language files to others by sending it to me via email. I will add your language files on the website with acknowledgements. If you are unconfident about what extension of the file name is to be used for your language, please check the section of language information.

To apply additional languages, what you have to do is to place your language to the folder where your software is. The language files will be loaded properly after restarting the software.

All product are free for personal uses. Any commercial use of these products are strictly prohibited!

We do not take any responsibility for damages caused by our products. Please use them at your own risk.

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