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Language file extension name
File extension name Language Sublanguage - locale Flag
0436 Afrikaans South Africa
041c Albanian Albania
1401 Arabic Algeria
3c01 Arabic Bahrain
0c01 Arabic Egypt
0801 Arabic Iraq
2c01 Arabic Jordan
3401 Arabic Kuwait
3001 Arabic Lebanon
1001 Arabic Libya
1801 Arabic Morocco
2001 Arabic Oman
4001 Arabic Qatar
0401 Arabic Saudi Arabia
2801 Arabic Syria
1c01 Arabic Tunisia
3801 Arabic U.A.E.
2401 Arabic Yemen
042b Armenian Armenia
044d Assamese India
082c Azeri Azerbaijan (Cyrillic)
042c Azeri Azerbaijan (Latin)
042d Basque Spain
0423 Belarusian Belarus
0445 Bengali India
0402 Bulgarian Bulgaria
0403 Catalan Spain
0c04 Chinese Hong Kong SAR
1404 Chinese Macao SAR
0804 Chinese PRC
1004 Chinese Singapore
0404 Chinese Taiwan
0827 Classic Lithuanian Lithuania
041a Croatian Croatia
0405 Czech Czech Republic
0406 Danish Denmark
0465 Divehi Maldives
0813 Dutch Belgium
0413 Dutch Netherlands
0c09 English Australia
2809 English Belize
1009 English Canada
2409 English Caribbean
1809 English Ireland
2009 English Jamaica
1409 English New Zealand
3409 English Philippines
1c09 English South Africa
2c09 English Trinidad
0809 English United Kingdom
0409 English United States
3009 English Zimbabwe
0425 Estonian Estonia
0438 Faeroese Faeroe Islands
0429 Farsi Iran
040b Finnish Finland
080c French Belgium
0c0c French Canada
040c French France
140c French Luxembourg
180c French Monaco
100c French Switzerland
042f Macedonian (FYROM) Macedonian (FYROM)
0456 Galician Spain
0437 Georgian Georgia
0c07 German Austria
0407 German Germany
1407 German Liechtenstein
1007 German Luxembourg
0807 German Switzerland
0408 Greek Greece
0447 Gujarati India
040d Hebrew Israel
0439 Hindi India
040e Hungarian Hungary
040f Icelandic Iceland
0421 Indonesian Indonesia (Bahasa)
0410 Italian Italy
0810 Italian Switzerland
0411 Japanese Japan
044b Kannada India (Kannada script)
043f Kazakh Kazakstan
0457 Konkani India
0412 Korean Korea
0440 Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan
0426 Latvian Latvia
0427 Lithuanian Lithuania
083e Malay Brunei Darussalam
043e Malay Malaysia
044c Malayalam India
044e Marathi India
0450 Mongolian (Cyrillic) Mongolia
0414 Norwegian Norway (Bokmål)
0814 Norwegian Norway (Nynorsk)
0448 Oriya India
0415 Polish Poland
0416 Portuguese Brazil
0816 Portuguese Portugal
0446 Punjabi India (Gurmukhi script)
0418 Romanian Romania
0419 Russian Russia
044f Sanskrit India
0c1a Serbian Serbia (Cyrillic)
081a Serbian Serbia (Latin)
041b Slovak Slovakia
0424 Slovenian Slovenia
2c0a Spanish Argentina
400a Spanish Bolivia
340a Spanish Chile
240a Spanish Colombia
140a Spanish Costa Rica
1c0a Spanish Dominican Republic
300a Spanish Ecuador
440a Spanish El Salvador
100a Spanish Guatemala
480a Spanish Honduras
080a Spanish Mexico
4c0a Spanish Nicaragua
180a Spanish Panama
3c0a Spanish Paraguay
280a Spanish Peru
500a Spanish Puerto Rico
040a Spanish Spain (Traditional sort)
0c0a Spanish Spain (International sort)
380a Spanish Uruguay
200a Spanish Venezuela
0441 Swahili Kenya
081d Swedish Finland
041d Swedish Sweden
045a Syriac Syria
0449 Tamil India
0444 Tatar Tatarstan
044a Telugu India (Telugu script)
041e Thai Thailand
041f Turkish Turkey
0422 Ukrainian Ukraine
0420 Urdu Pakistan
0820 Urdu India
0843 Uzbek Uzbekistan (Cyrillic)
0443 Uzbek Uzbekistan (Latin)
042a Vietnamese Viet Nam

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