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Subtitle Checker


Subtitle Checker is a simple software which can help you to find out where have error syntax in .srt file.
Regarding simple errors, this software will attempt to repair bugs automatically.
And for unidentified syntax errors, it will report locations of errors. Then users can revise the error by themselves.

This software provides three methods of operation:

  1. Right click on the srt file and you can get the menu just like it in the right picture.

      Before you use the software, you must execute install.bat.
      You can uninstall the software by implementing uninstall.bat.
      Under WINXP 64bit Edition, this software only can be used by matching 32 bits Explorer.

  2. Press the left button of mouse to drag a SRT file on the link of Subtitle Checker and release you mouse.

  3. Start Subtitle Checker by yourself, and open the .srt file.

Message helper

The following messages is the software would display.
  1. No specific SRT subtitle file
    You must assign a SRT subtitle file.

  2. can't open specific SRT subtitle file
    The assigned subtitle file can't be opened.

  3. subtitle file size over 512K bytes or empty file
    The file size can't pass 512KB and it also can't be an empty file.

  4. not a SRT subtitle file
    The assigned subtitle file isn't a SRT subtitle file.

  5. fatal error at line ###, can't fixed it
    There's an unfixable error which is in line ### of the file.

  6. Check complete, no error
    There's no mistake after checking.

  7. Sequence number error
    Sequence number of the subtitle is wrong. The software will repair the error automatically.
    Such error will have no effect to VobSub, but some subtitle software can't allow of such one.

  8. block not separate
    Subtitle doesn't set a blank correctly, The software will repair the error automatically.
    This kind of mistake leads the software to merge two subtitles items into one subtitle item.

  9. Can't create new SRT subtitle file
    Can't create new SRT subtitle file.

Understand the subtitle further

Owing to vast kinds of subtitle software, some subtitle file which had been checked and confirmed that there's no error still can't be accepted by subtitle software. When the condition happens, it usually because of some limit of subtitle software. Those limits roughly belong to:

  1. The subtitle file is encoded by Unicode.
    Please use any appropriate convert tools to transform Unicode into local code.

  2. Initial number of Sequence number is wrong.
    Some subtitle software will stipulate the sequence number of srt file must start on 0 or 1. For this, you can set the initial number of the subtitle for 0 or 1 by using the text editing software. Then execute Subtitle Checker, it can automatically help you to rearrange the sequence number and it will answer to the limit.

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